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Corporate Headshots

Our experienced photographers will come to your site and provide professional images for your team without interrupting your workflow.

The difference
Our services are tailored to fit the specific needs of the corporate market.
We come to your site making it easy for you and your entire organization to get professional quality corporate shots for your social media presence. 
At we pride ourselves on having a fast and efficient work flow, being able to capture your entire team without disrupting the entire day. 
Our photographers put their subjects at ease making the session an enjoyable experience.  The best photos happen when the process is fun.
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Our Process

First, we will meet with your marketing team to make sure that the look and feel of our photos align with your brand identity. During this meeting, we will discuss the intended use of the photos such as a website or social media platform.  

Once the details are decided, we will determine how long the overall shoot will take and schedule a date and time that will cause minimal interruption to your daily workflow; the scheduling will be done with your deadlines in mind.

On the day of the shoot we will arrive early.  Upon arrival we will set up the shoot in the space you have made available.  When your team arrives we will have already determined the best lighting and marked locations for the subjects.

Once the shoot is completed, we can have electronic images sent for your website the same day or add in a premium retouch package that will have your team looking their absolute best.

Then we will choose a backdrop or location that incorporates your existing messaging with the look and feel of the shots.  Boardrooms and conference rooms are great indoor spaces but we can work with any medium sized room.  

After we have determined those details you will decide on a package and delivery times.  Package options include same day delivery, premium retouching services, or custom requests.   It is all about making sure you get the right photos for your organization.

What to Wear

For corporate headshots, you should keep your corporate message and brand identity in mind.  For instance, is your organization's dress code business or casual?  The image your organization wants to portray should definitely be taken into account.

Generally, you want clothes with high contrast like a dark jacket, white shirt, and a bold tie.   Scarves and other accessories can also enhance your shot.

Hair fresh from the barber or salon will have your subjects looking their sharpest and add to their confidence to boot.  For men a recent shave or beard groom does wonders and for women well styled hair can make or break a photo.


Makeup should be applied as if it is any other business day in the style and manner a woman has perfected over the years.  We discourage over applying makeup or deviating from your daily look.  

If make up is key to your brand or image, we are able to provide a professional make up artist to your site.

Make Up


We provide everything needed for a successful photo shoot and bring it right to your site.  Including lighting, portable back drops,  professional lenses, and the most up to date camera bodies for shooting in the highest possible resolution.